Bubble wrap gives precise protection of the items against shocks effects and prevents from scratches on the surfaces. Mostly used by manufacturers of household appliances and audio/video devices, cell phones or computer equipment, as well as by the glassware producers. Bubbles covering its surface, with the air inside, perfectly absorb shocks and vibrations. It is also an excellent free space filler in packages. Available in various parameters, as per customers’ individual requirements.   

Adhesive packing tape is used on a large scale in almost every industry. It makes packing the items and combining goods into a single package possible and simple.
Among numerous adhesive packing tapes existing on a market there are ACRYL packing tape (water based glue) for general use,  HOT MELT packing tape (synthetic rubber) particularly dedicated for cartons and SOLVENT packing tape (natural rubber) intended for storage of packaged goods in cold rooms and in difficult weather conditions.

More and more frequently attention is paid to the environment therefore there is also a line of paper tapes, easy to recycle.  
Polypropylene bands are a perfect alternative to the expensive steel tapes and are used for packing goods of various sizes.  PP band is specially characterized by high resistance to chemical and atmospheric factors. Due to durable and tensile resistant material it is made of, it obtains high tear resistance. It is connected by means of wire or metal clasps, also included in our offer.  PP band can be also connected by welding, using special devices.   

Our offer includes also wide range of dispensers, winders etc., facilitating the use of packaging products.  

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