Stretch film produced by the CAST method, is characterized by high durability, adhesion and flexibility, and therefore it is used in almost every industry branch.  It is available in the form of JUMBO ROLLS, 50 kilogram rolls, 500 mm wide, indented to be transformed into manual and machine stretch film rolls, with various elongation and thickness.  

is used for packing and securing loads by means of fully automatic and semi-automatic wrapping machines designed specially for this purpose, thanks to which all users of the machine stretch films are sure as regards proper protection of the load. Mostly used by production plants and distribution companies where a fast packing process is of great importance.  

Standard machine film
is available in rolls weighing 16-18 kg and 50 cm wide, as well as in smaller widths, adjusted to the client’s requirements.  

is used for manual wrapping of pallets with loads placed on them. Available in many color options – transparent, black, white, transparent blue and opaque blue. Rolls are produced in weight as per client’s requirements.   

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