PRE STRETCH FILM is an ideal alternative for traditional films. Its unquestionable advantage is the fact, that it allows to reduce the cost of protecting a pallet even by 40%.  The film is available in a manual and machine version.   Pre stretch film is made of the highest quality raw materials, thanks to which it ideally protects goods on the pallets. It is characterized by pre-stretching, which makes it keep its tension force, and giving optimal protection.

Pre stretch film is additionally extremely flexible. It adheres ideally to the wrapped goods, makes transport and storage easier.   As already mentioned, the film is available also in a manual version.

Due to low roll weight and lightweight of the film, handling it is extremely simple and much less fatiguing. Packing requires less strength and energy, but, what is important, there is no need of high tension of film over the goods on the pallets.  


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